Near Patient Diagnostics for Women’s Health

Delivering peace of mind through accurate testing

We Enable the Accurate and Early Diagnosis of Common Conditions that Affect Millions of Women

Our platform provides healthcare providers with the tools needed to diagnose Preeclampsia, Endometriosis, Ovarian Cancer, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) quickly and accurately by shrinking the lab and bringing it closer to patients.

Pregnant woman meeting with doctor



Mother and infants lives lost worldwide every year

$6.4 Billion

US annual costs


6.5 Million

Women impacted in the US

$78+ Billion

US Economic Burden

Woman with Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer


Survival rate in 5 years if detected in stage 3

$10 Billion

Savings by early state detection

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)*


women of reproductive age are affected

$8 Billion

US costs to diagnose and treat (2020)

* No test available today.

Our Platform = Our Assay + Our Instrument + Proximity

We’ve taken a bulky, costly, slow, and narrowly focused process and streamlined it down into an integrated, multi-analyte, algorithmic platform that is positioned closer to the patient, enabling faster, more accurate and less costly testing.

MultiomeDx test kit and AutoVega Analyzer


Our platform allows you to processes samples in less than 30 minutes, compared to 2+ hours for ELISA.


Our platform (assay and instrument) has been designed for accuracy, with results of ~98% sensitivity*, ~98% specificity*.

Lower Cost

Multiplex up to 32 analytes in a single run, resulting in efficiencies and reduced operating costs as low as $5 a sample.

Easy on Patients

Our testing protocol requires only 100 µL samples, reducing the impact on the patients.

Broad Use

Our platform can test for Bacteria, Viruses, and Proteins.


Our solution is positioned near patients; results are delivered to healthcare providers more rapidly than conventional methods.

* Coronavirus Antigen

Demo of MultiomeDX Readers

Demo of MultiomeDx Assay

The Power of the MultiomeDx Platform

Using 100 µL of blood serum, plasma, or saliva, our platform has been built to minimize impact to patients and for accuracy, speed, and efficiency.

Our Platform Empowers Patients

  • It saves patients time
  • It saves the patient’s money
  • Offers less invasive testing
  • Allows the patient to screen for risk factors*

* Requires our mobile app.

Assay FormatModified sandwich immunoassay on filter membrane of VF Cartridge
Sensor TechnologyUV LED excitation to scan 34 well VF cartridge array
20 TCID50
Sample Volume100 µL
Dynamic Range Sensitivity
(for protein detection)
4 logs 20 pg/mL
DetectorFluorescence measurement on VF Cartridge using proprietary read head and reading algorithm
Turnaround Time<1 hour

* Coronavirus Antigen

Our Pipeline

Women’s Health Diagnotics

Development Pipeline

About Us

Our team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to bear on the problem.

Co-Founder Su Dwarakanath has worked in the industry for over 30 years. While at various diagnostics companies, she realized that there is a definite need for Point-of-Care testing that can combine the accuracy of a large diagnostic platform and the speed of POC.

Realizing that the holes in the market could be solved with technology, she combined her assay development skills with her co-founder’s, Sri Satyanarayana, engineering skills to create the MutliomeDx’s AutoVega platform for the development of immune assay with high accuracy and speed.

Su Dwarakanath, PhD

Su Dwarakanath, PhD

Founder & CEO

Roche,Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bayer Diagnostics, Nano Science Diagnostics

New York University

Sri Satyanarayana, PhD

Sri Satyanarayana, PhD

Founder & CTO

IBM, AT&T Bell Labs, Hughes Research Labs, Philips, Free Electron Technology, Nano Science Diagnostics, Full power Technologies

Columbia University

Kevin Seltzer

Kevin Seltzer


Finance professional with over 20 years of corporate finance, structuring, and management.

New York Law School

Steven Verbinski, MD

Steven Verbinski, MD


Internist in Hayward, CA.  Affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Eden Medical Center and St. Rose Hospital. Conducting various clinical trials.

Duke and Stanford University


Dr. Dev Shukla, Executive Chairman
Rajan Pillai Esq., Advisor
Dr. Sulatha Dwarakanath, CEO & Co-founder
Dr. Srinagesh Satyanarayana, CTO, Co-founder (Observer)

Scientific Advisory Board

Alex Melamed, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School
George Caughey MD, Immunologist Critical care UCSF
Alley Tevrizian, MD, Immunologist
Nancy Mozelsio, MD, Immunologist
Mitch Levinson, Serial Entrepreneur
Shailja Dixit, MD, MBA, CEO/founder Curio

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